Let love seep in

Love doesn’t happen in a jiffy
You just have to let love seep in slowly
Tell your heart to be patient
It just takes time
To fill a void
And to be prepared to love again

Courage to say no

Sometimes it take courage
To say no
Might people call you coward
Might people call you weak
But remember
Better it is to say no
Than to pulverize your sanity
Than to think what people think


It took nature

One virus
To defeat
The might of the human race.

One virus
To show
The vulnerability of the human ​race.

One virus
To realise
The helplessness of the human ​race.


There is a warrior within all of us
For some, the warrior chooses to fight
For some, the warrior chooses defeat.

A drop of tear

A drop of tear
Can be shed out of sadness
Can be shed out of happiness
How unfair
To have the same reaction
For both sadness and happiness

Frozen Heart

I witnessed a miracle today
The power of love
Failed to melt a frozen heart
Sometimes it is the circumstances
Sometimes it is the person



Living a lie

And then starting to assume it to be real.


Most of us doing it.

And imagine

A few truths we know

Are just works of imagination.


कभी दादा दादी या नाना नानी की याद आती है
तो मैं पुरे तस्वीर देखकर मन बेहला लेती हूँ
पर अब तसवीरें भी धुंधली हो चली हैं
कितना अच्छा होता
अगर उनके ज़माने में भी तसवीरें लेना आम सी बात होती
फिर तो मेरे पास उनकी यादों का पिटारा होता
कुछ गिने चुने नहीं, अनेको यादें होती

तुम कभी आवाज़ लगा कर देखो

तुम कभी आवाज़ लगा कर देखो
मैं दौड़ी चली आऊँगी
थोड़ा आपने आस पास के लोगों के आगे देखो
मैं वही खड़ी हूँ
पर तुमको दिख नहीं रही हूँ
तुम कभी आवाज़ लगा कर देखो
मैं दौड़ी चली आऊँगी

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